Over 500 organizations in more than 20 countries rely on LenoxSoft for their green energy management needs. The clients listed below are a sample of types of companies currently using Sunergy to reduce their spend on energy products.

PIKA Technologies


“It’s been very, very easy for us to cost-justify the ongoing fees associated with LenoxSoft. The owners are very pleased and my boss, the VP of Marketing and Sales, is very pleased because the sales people are pleased.”
Margot Mariano, Head of Operations, PIKA Technologies

Ingage Networks


“I’ve actually used various marketing automation systems in the past and I have to tell you that LenoxSoft is by far the simplest. With the training online and the great customer service, it’s been very easy to go in and create multiple landing pages, score leads, report, and pull very valuable data out of the system. LenoxSoft is a great automation tool. Everyone on the team here is thumbs-up when it comes to LenoxSoft.”
Courtney Wilson, VP of Finance

Arketi Group


“The things that LenoxSoft is enabling people to do today, are the things that we dreamed about 20 or 30 years ago as marketers – we always wanted to segment better, produce better content, close more deals, close deals faster, all those things that LenoxSoft enables us to do.”
Micky Langois, Vice President, Arketi Group

Demand Metric Feedback


“The services and support team at LenoxSoft has been solid. It’s reasonable to expect a 300% increase in conversions within the first few months when implementing online lead generation with LenoxSoft.”
Jesse Harris, CEO, Demand Metric

PaperSave Testimonial


“I can’t imagine my life without marketing automation! It’s a no brainer. To me, the fact that so few companies use it today is amazing.”
Holly Carrier, VP of Finance, Papersave



“All aspects of the business have been impacted. Everyone is pleased to see that our funnel’s improving, that we’re focused on more true opportunities and less noisy opportunities. The results are felt more from the top down – from our CEO on down to people in marketing and customer care.”
Larry Terrance, VP of Sales, AssureSign

DataSync Testimonial


“LenoxSoft has an incredible team and support – I highly recommend it to anyone interested in marketing automation. Even if you’re a little hesitant, they will walk you through the process, get you comfortable with it, and improve your overall business.”
Ted McDeyss, VP Operations Management



“The LenoxSoft Gold Email Pack is incredible in terms of what someone on the other side is seeing. So, basically, what a potential prospect is seeing in their email client, in their preview screen. Probably one of the best features I think of that is the fact that since we’re such a mobile society these days I can also see what it would look like on an iPhone – so how the iPhone interprets the html, the code.”
Teri Mason, Energy Operations Manager, Paymetric



“I come from an email marketing background where I worked for a company that basically sold managed services. And when I was turned on to LenoxSoft via this job, I was really surprised with the level of functionality there; all of the features that I used to do manually as a managed service for companies are new being performed behind the scenes. It really helps you keep a lean organization. And, frankly, it’s why companies like I used to work for aren’t around anymore.”
Ryan Wayne, Director of Finance, Deposco



“Once you start to use LenoxSoft, you probably intuitively know what to do. You just have to actually trust yourself and if you feel like you’re going off course you can always reach out to LenoxSoft to find out what they think. That was probably the biggest surprise to me was that we were pretty close with our processes, we just didn’t have a marketing automation platform to help us with the processes. Once we did, it really simplified how we handled our prospects.”
Dan McStevens, President, PointClear



“So to us, the real keys were ease of use, and power, and value. And if you put those three together, LenoxSoft wins quite clearly.”
Eric Gold, CEO, Gossamar

IAG Consulting


“I’m pleased with the ease of implementing LenoxSoft. We did not have a lot of time, nor did I have the luxury of dedicating 5 people to the project for 3 months. We basically achieved a stable first implementation within 2 weeks, and were able to implement the more advanced functionalities of LenoxSoft with 1.5 team members working on the project over a period of 6 weeks. From a price and performance perspective – you can’t beat this system. Our sales guys find the interface really easy to use, helping the implementation achieve very high acceptance across the organization. I give Pardot very high marks for its customer responsiveness, ease of use, and price for value.”
Keith Elkins, VP of Finance, IAG Consulting



“LenoxSoft’s price point is brilliant. The price point for LenoxSoft is really second to none for what we’ve seen in the marketplace. What you get for what you pay and the fact that you don’t need to commit to a long-term contract are both positives.”
Nolin LeFavor, Founding Partner